Are you ready to Live Like You Love Yourself?

Check out the newly added free resources and COVID support videos, because you don’t have to face this alone.

Are you ready to step in to your full potential? To form relationships from a place of abundance not lack? And to act from power not victimhood?

Rediscover your natural capacity to Live Like You Love Yourself through Zen Coaching, Self-Love workshops and courses, and meditation events.


Self-Love Workshops

A unique blend of applied Zen Coaching tools, mindful movement, meditation, solo and partner exercises and other body and breath practices. The vibe is one of playful vulnerability, allowance, courage, connection and empowerment.

Great attention is given to the needs of those present with the exercises and structure adapted to meet those needs.

Each participant has the opportunity to be seen by a partner, the whole group and themselves, in equal proportion. 

Zen Coaching

«Zen Coaching is a powerful approach to living. It unites the focus on reaching outer goals – a key characteristic of traditional coaching – with a deeper inner focus than what is normally found within coaching.

The approach is built upon basic mindfulness principles, or conscious presence. It is also based on an exploration of limiting beliefs, and on our true inner resources. The main method is the practice of inquiry – an inner, focused exploration based on specific questions and a supporting listening practice.»

All coaching is offering online or on the phone.

Contact me to discover more about YOU

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