COVID-19 Support

Many people are experiencing heightened stress at this time due to issues related to COVID-19. Below you will find a video with a tool for use when facing a challenge, and a meditation on trust.

I hope these resources support you in facing this challenge and finding a sense of trust and hope for the future.

Coping with a challenging situation – exercise begins at 3:50

Right now, it’s easy to feel frustrated and powerless around challenges that arise due to the current circumstance of COVID19 restrictions. One theory is that there are 3 responses to challenging situations: change (the situation or yourself), leave or surrender. Leaving is not possible. Changing the situation is not possible, and changing yourself can add more pressure. Surrending to ‘what is’ is the only option here and in other areas of challenge in your life.

This exercise will guide you through to surrender and allowance of your currently reality, inviting surrender to dissolve tension and discomfort, increasing your ability to make peace with the struggles and challenges you are experiencing right now.

1. Objectively state what is happening
2. Objectively state how you feel about what is happening
3. Objectively state how your body is responding to what is happening
4. Observe, allow, include self-compassion

Sense of Trust Meditation

Every challenge has the potential for transformation and to support you to become the best version of yourself. Connect with this idea and a sense of trust through this meditation, now and in other moments of challenge – its long but worth doing properly!

If you do listen during the COVID19 pandemic, or another time of real challenge, I encourage you to really focus on allowing what is coming up for you, without needing to change or over associate with negative thoughts, simply observing as objectively as possible.

If you want a softer version, stop when you return to your breathing after the first visualisation.

This is not forever, this is now.

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