«Zen Coaching is a powerful approach to living. It unites the focus on reaching outer goals – a key characteristic of traditional coaching – with a deeper inner focus than what is normally found within coaching.

The approach is built upon basic mindfulness principles, or conscious presence. It is also based on an exploration of limiting beliefs, and on our true inner resources. The main method is the practice of inquiry – an inner, focused exploration based on specific questions and a supporting listening practice.»

1-2-1 Coaching 

  • Private, personalised coaching sessions exploring a topic in order to reach your goal, discover more about you and what the topic means to you, or to celebrate you and reinforce your sense of self-worth and your unlimited potential.

Group Coaching

  • I love group Coaching. Similar to 1-2-1 coaching but offered in a group setting. It is the chance to witness and be witnessed as you are.
  • Available to book as a group of 4 or more, or sign up to join the next group.

All coaching is offering online or on the phone

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