Inner Inquiry

Inner inquiry is a journey to connect deeply with yourself, step into vulnerability by allowing yourself to be seen, and witness the vulnerability of others. It is about connection, authenticity and empowerment.  

The workshop is highly experiential with authentic relating inspired exercises, meditation, mindfulness, NLP, Zen Coaching and tools to carry with you 

Come by yourself and enjoy connecting with a fellow participant, with a partner or friend you wish to deepen the connection with, or choose to follow the alternatives to practice solo. 

Everything is an invitation, your body is your guide 


Deeper awareness of yourself, your body and your unconscious beliefs

Greater connection with the reality of life, creating distance from the stories of the past or future that can keep you stuck

Profound experience of being witnessed and celebrated by a group, as you truly are and without masks 

Opportunity to drop all pretenses and ideas of who you ‘should’ be, building the foundation for more authenticity in your life 

Tools to enhance your life after the workshop has finished 

How to prepare: 

Be in a space where you can stand and sit in front of your camera, and be able to see the screen/be seen clearly 

Bring paper/pen or something else to write on and a timer (phones on airplane mode) 


  • Presence 
    • Building the foundations, connecting deeply with yourself in the presence of others 
    • Building resilience by stepping back from unhelpful thought patterns and beliefs, returning to the present moment 
  • Perception
    • Challenging specific thought patterns that keep you stuck in the past
    • Providing alternatives to move your life the the direction that will serve your truest needs
    • Empowering yourself to guide your own direction in life 
  • Celebration
    • Utilizing focus on celebration to enliven you
    • Authentically celebrating the whole of your reality not positive psychology or disregarding challenge 
    • Inclusion of your whole experience in celebration
    • Connecting with a felt sense of celebration throughout your being 
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