“Megan provides a warm and open hearted space where I feel safe to explore my shadows and most uncomfortable fears. I feel truly supported and that my experience in every single moment is important and real. There is honesty and a genuine allowance. She has many times helped me in connecting with my deeper longings and needs, which have been powerful reminders of my intentions behind my everyday actions. I can warmly recommend Megan as a coach for all of you who wants to be seen and heard with true empathy.

Participating in Megan’s webinars is connecting and fun. She sees the whole group and makes sure that everyone gets the chance to share and contribute. Her present energy creates a safe and allowing space to explore within. I always leave the meetings with a higher awareness, powerful insights and lots of inspiration. The webinars also meet my need of community, mutuality and true support”

Cindra, Sweden

“Megan’s presence and focused way of leading the webinar invites to a room of authenticity and love for truth. I warmly recommend you to explore with her.”

Hanne, Norway

“Megan is very supporting as a facilitator, holding a lot of space for us. She has a calming voice that helps to bring you in to the present moment. I felt taken care of in the webinar. My experience when having a mini-coaching, Megan asked me questions that that were very powerful and supporting. Looking forward to join other webinars with her.”

Helen, Sweden
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