Meditation – Coming back to presence

As thoughts of fear, theories, mistrust, how hard life is now, how to go back to normal, do we go make to normal and how to find a solution are being thrown around on social media and old media alike…

Take a moment to come back to presence, of what your experience is right now, through this deep guided meditation.

Patience Meditation

Drop in to a sense of patience and allowance with this meditation, letting go of what no longer serves you. Now is an opportunity to let go of schedules, rushing and constantly being on the go. That temptation or habit of always keeping busy may still be there, and it can hold you in a state of tension and distraction – “What can I do now so I don’t need to acknowledge my current situation and feelings” – or resistance – “I do not want this now, I want this situation to be over”.

Can you step back from the full schedule and bustle of constantly doing, and just for now be here in non-doing? Can you allow the invitation to give awareness to what is most important in your life, in this moment?

Bringing your full awareness into right now enables you to connect with your true needs and your life compass, rather than strategies and distractions that leave you always slightly empty.

This is not forever, this is now.

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